Floor mats

So sometimes adventure gets a little dirty. Well, a lot dirty.

After our most recent adventure my drivers side floor left very little to be desired in the area of cleanliness. I had stepped in mud, sand, dirt, grass. pretty much you name it, i might  have stepped in it. So, where did everything I stepped in go? There might have also been some Mountain Dew and Chex mix in there some where too; word to the wise wheeling on bumpy roads and trying to drink and eat don’t mix well.


Back at the end of December I had decided to make the investment into some good floor mats after I had wore a hole thorough my existing ones and through to the floor board. Oh and Andrew had also purchased some just before me for a killer deal. I had been eyeing the Weather Tech mats for a while and Andrew’s purchase and being able to feel them sealed the deal.


So what is so “special” about these over my $5 floor mats from wally world?

Well, Weather tech and a couple other major brands have taken the time to form their mats to floor of your specific vehicle. They also have channels that help keep liquids, AKA your Mountain Dew and your wife’s Grande Skinny Chai Latte from ever reaching the your vehicle’s carpet. We also all know that kiddos are not clean either, you give them an inch and they will take a mile, maybe two. Their little hands slipped when opening that chocolate milk from Chick Fila and down it goes; or the crumbs from all of the tiny bites they take while chewing with their mouths agape like a horse, yes you know that look, and singing the wheels on the bus as loud as they can in the back of the car. All of this to say these suckers collect it all and make it easy to clean up.

How easy are these really to clean.

Well, i will show you. No carpet cleaner here smarty pants! Remove from the vehicle, get your hose and start spraying!


Dump out the dirty water and rinse again. See how well they hold the nastiness of daily life! Imagine if that were melted snow or something, you know that imaginary white stuff I have heard so much about. Just keep on rinsing until they are clean and then shake off the excess water. You could let them dry before putting them back in, but if you are like me and are too impatient and you told your wife you would only be outside for a minute, but you decided to do 10 other things while you were out there you can just plop them back in.

Re-install them and away you go!