Generation Overland Prepares for Fj Summit

Before Anthony and I started Generation Overland I was searching events to attend. Such as Overland Expo, Vermont Overland Rally. I came across FJ SUMMIT, in Ouray, Colorado; a 2100 mile journey  one way for me from Tampa, Fl. It was December of 2015 and I immediately decided it was the trip for me. I started planning and booking. I’ve been slowly preparing my supplies and truck for the trip.

My 1998 Toyota 4Runner has almost 153,000 miles. I’ve been working on general maintenance (oil changes, air filter, differential fluid…) as well as preventative items known to break on 4Runners. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my front suspension and am in the process of acquiring parts for a beefier rear setup to support all the gear I will be hauling on my journey.  I received a hand me down utility organizer from our friends at SRQ Fabrications, to stow all of my off roading gear.

Check and Check again

In a recent local off road outing with some local friends, I discovered that the plug for the controller on my winch had a broken prong. Upon further inspection later that day it seems to be a serviceable part and i need to contact smittybilt as it is still under warranty. I plan to acquire a spare to keep in the truck as well at the same time.

Getting things serviced

I’ve purchased all new tires for the trip, done a full tune up and fuel induction service, replaced the fuel and air filter, got the alignment nice and straight as well as making sure to have the tires road force balanced. Roof cargo basket is back on, although I intend to stow my 150 qt cooler up there, it doesn’t fit too well. I am on the lookout for a suitable replacement with a lower profile as well as it sat very high.

I’ve acquired a new Tablet PC and a 1TB external drive to download all of the videos and pictures and keep updating as the trip progresses. Some other items I plan to get are, a second gopro, 5 to 6 more microsd cards for those. A few more memory cards for the DSLR i’ll be using. Extra batteries for all the electronic devices i’m bringing, such as walkie talkies and flashlights and the like.

FJ SUMMIT is a month away and i’m still preparing and will continue to update with further progress.

Off road gear checklist          

  • – Socket set
  • – Socket extensions
  • – Combination wrenches
  • – Cv axle nut socket
  • – Breaker bar
  • – Lug nut socket
  • – Pliers
  • – Screwdrivers
  • – Adjustable pliers
  • – Wire strippers
  • – Elec. tape
  • – Crimps
  • – Crimpers
  • – Motor oil
  • – Trans fluid
  • – Diff. Fluid
  • – Brake fluid
  • – Coolant
  • Tire deflators
  • Air compressor
  • – Air Hose
  • – Air chuck
  • Tire plug kit
  • – 2 Full size spare tires
  • – Coolant hose repair kit
  • – Extra belts
  • – Extra brake lines
  • – Tow strap
  • Kinetic strap
  • Shackles
  • Soft Shackles
  • Receiver shackle
  • – Hammer
  • – Wheel chock
  • – Flat piece of wood
  • – Flashlight
  • – Batteries
  • – 2 way radios
  • – Vhf/uhf radio
  • – Funnel
  • Traction Mats
  • – Shovel
  • – Hatchet
  • – Folding saw
  • – Trauma bag
  • – Fire extinguisher
  • – Jumper cables    
  • – Jump box   
  • – Fix a flat    
  • – Trash bags   
  • – Toilet paper   
  • – Paper towels  
  • – Jerry can 5 gal.