OOooOo they said “Overland”

We (Andrew and Anthony)  started Generation Overland to show you, yes you! That Over landing can done with a family and that adventure does not have to be what media has made it out to be. We as a generation have forgotten what adventure is and how obtainable it is . We turn on our televisions and see grandeur of what adventure looks like from the X games, sport fishing, xtreme this xtreme that and think that it is so cool but what we do is sit there and doubt what we really can do. We, you, myself , your family, can do anything. Sure it may not be what it looks like on TV but that bike ride on a public trail that your county has near the water is a start. Or going camping for the first time. Making due with what you have or can obtain for a reason able price you can do so much!

Andrew and Anthony have started with vehicles that are now 17 and 18 years of age. Anthony’s 97 4runner has over 250k on the odometer with plenty of life left for the ticking! We are not doing all of this in bright new shiny vehicles with all of the latest creature features and gadgets, not that there is anything wrong with that but, to show you that you and your family can do adventure from something very small, cheap and attainable.

So who are we really?

Anthony- Was born in Hawkinsville GA. He has lived in GA, OH, and most of his life in hot, sunny, humid Florida.  He has spent most of his time in the Tampa bay area. Graduated from USF with a BS in Management Information Systems. During his time there he met his beautiful wife Hillary. They were married young at the age of 22 and have been together since. They have a son, Elliott, who just turned 3 years old and have little honey bun in the oven who is due in July.



Andrew – Was born in Tampa Florida and has remained there for the entirety of his life. Many vacations all over the United States have kept the wanderlust bug alive. Being married to his wife Katey at the age of 20 they have two sons and a daughter. Dominic who’s 11, Austin who’s turned 6 and Destiny who is 3. Andrew has job hopped and obtain certifications as an ASE certified mechanic, Ford specialty certifications, Wilderness response, Self awareness and Land Navigation, State of Florida Fire Fighter, as well as Wildland Fire Fighter and is currently seeking others related to Off Road Navigation and Recovery.